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ZHX Breather Valve

ZHX呼吸閥閥體采用不銹鋼、優質鋁合金或鑄鐵制造,重量輕、耐腐蝕性能好。閥板、閥座間的密封面用工程塑料或鋁制作。閥閉合時,密封性能良好,達ANSI B16.104VI級標準。閥板、閥座、阻火層采用不銹鋼制造,阻火性能好。整體結構按自力式原理設計,防爆性能優越。

The body of ZHX breather valve is made of stainless steel,aluminum alloy or cast iron,characterized as light weight and strong corrosion resistance ability, the sealed face between the valve plate and valve seat of the ZHX breather valve is made of engineering plastic or aluminum,characterized as good seal performance reaching the ANSI B16.104 VI standards.The fire resistant layer of the valve plate and valve seat is made of stainless steel with the good performance of fire resistance.The structure of ZHX breather valve is designed according to the self-reliance principle with the super performance of explosion-proof.

產品功能用途(The produce function)



In the transportation of petroleum products or other chemical solvents,such as gasoline,kerosene,diesel fuel,crude oil,benzene,toluene,ethanol or liquid nitrogen,liquid oxygen and other media,the nitrogen always is covered on the top of the tank for the protection.the breather valve can be together used with the nitrogen sealed unit or the command device operation type self-operated pressure regulator(see the product specifications)for the prevention of metamorphic contacting air,and the above mentioned products can be applied separately.

Above mentioned products can be applied separately.

Equipment of the breather valve,it can timely remove the pressure fluctuation caused by the reason of injecting liquid into or taking liquid from the tank or the changes in ambient temperature.